Highlands Naturopathy advocates for collaborative relationships with General Practitioners, Psychologists and Allied Health Workers in the interests of integrative care for our mutual patients.

We have 4 years of health science training in anatomy and physiology, pathology, clinical diagnosis, pharmacology, advanced human nutrition, advanced herbal medicine, biochemistry, research methods and basic counseling skills. We use an evidence based practice model alongside traditional use of natural medicines. We carefully consider potential for drug/herb/nutrient interactions and refer for pathology testing where appropriate.

Our practice adopts a minimalist approach to neutraceuticals and herbal medicines, after formulating an in depth treatment plan, and we don’t stock medicines on site to avoid a conflict of interest when prescribing.

We support open dialogue between modalities in our patient’s care team and recognise that our strengths and limitations lead to enhanced patient outcomes when combined with a team of multimodality health professionals. We seek consent to share information on our new patient form and encourage discussions on the mutual care and treatment planning of our patients.

Please phone, email or fax if you would like more information or if you would like to collaborate in the care of a mutual patient.

Best regards,
Jean Martain BHSc Nat ATMS 29994 

admin@highlandsnaturopathy.com.au | m: 0422 918 478 / fax: 02 9184 9601 | 167 Grey St, Glen Innes NSW 2370

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